Ginew Brown Wax Rider Coat UNUSED (XS/S)

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Ginew vahattu puuvilla takki upealla "Facing East" kuvioidulla villavuorilla.
Kapeahko tyköistuva slim-fit malli. UNUSED


  • "Facing East" kuvioitu villakangas. Suunnitelija Dyani White Hawk,     Pendelton®kutonut Ginew® merkille (Portland, OR). 
  • 32 oz villakangas (82% wool & 18% cotton)
  • 10.10 oz Waxed Army Duck (USA)
  • Hihan vuori satiinia
  • Kustomoidut Ginew® napit
  • Rinta- ja sivutaskut
  • Kota- ja tähtikirjailut kauluksen alla
  • Moderni istuvuus
  • Made in USA

Kokomerkintä: S

Kainalo-kainalo: 49cm Olka-helmapituus: 65cm Hihanpituus pääntienreunasta: 80cm

The Wax Rider Canvas Coat is inspired by Amanda's grandfather and early Harley Davidson® motorcycle club jackets. The rider coat pays homage to him, who commuted weekly from the Mohican Indian Reservation to weld for Harley Davidson® during the 1950's and 1960's. When you wear it, you are wearing a coat built to honor grandfather and his life. We built the coat with his characteristics and values. Resilience. Bravery. Honesty. Dedication. Strength. Durability. Toughness. 

The coat is made of 10.10 oz. Army Duck wax canvas, custom Ginew® blanket fabric by Pendelton®, custom quilted satin sleeve lining, custom Ginew® hardware, and features a modern fit. It features two front side pockets, two front chest pockets, and hidden embroidery under the collar. Each coat is sourced and constructed in the USA. 

About Facing East: New beginnings surround us...and we look within and to our teachings to hear the voices of inspiration that will guide us forward. Together, we are FACING EAST as we gaze upon what is next.

Artist Statement: "Our sun rises in the east. The Facing East blanket acknowledges ways that Lakota, and other Indigenous people, honor, and express gratitude for the gift of each new day. Embedded within this act of gratitude is a deep respect for, and appreciation of the many cycles and relationships that support life." ~ Dyani White Hawk